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Upgrading Fusionchart To Version 3.2.2

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I have upgraded my version of FusionChart to the last version (v 3.2.2)


After I made this I realised that some features do not work well in this version.

Examples: portuguese caracters in the title, sub title, or others texts.


After a few tests I have concluded that the problem is in the file Fusionchart.js. If I use my version of this file the charts are Ok, but if I use the last version the texts are not ok.


I attach my code files and the examples.


Best regards,





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Guest Angshu



Welcome to FusionCharts Forum! smile.gif


Please note that in order to use any multi-lingual characters on the chart, you necessarily need to use UTF-8 encoded XML/JSON. More importantly, the XML/JSON file or stream requires UTF-8 BOM stamp to be present as the very first 3 Bytes of the file. Most of the text editors like Notepad can do this automatically.


To know more on how to BOM mark a file, please read :


Hope this helps.

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