Sets With Value As 0 Display Incorrectly In Stacked 3D Column Js Charts

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In a stacked 3d column chart, if there is a set with value as 0, then it gets displayed (out of proportion) when JavaScript rendering is used, but it does not get displayed at all in Flash charts (the correct behaviour).


Here's the xml to reproduce this issue (see screenshots as well):


<chart bgColor='DDDDDD,FFFFFF' bgAlpha='100' useRoundEdges='1' caption='A & B' palette='1' showLegend='1' legendPosition='BOTTOM' labelDisplay='Stagger' staggerLines='2' showValues='0' animation='1' unescapeLinks='0'><categories><category label='Action'/><category label='1'/></categories><dataset  seriesName = '> 2sd [asasd]'  renderAs = 'Column' ><set value='0.0'/><set value=''/></dataset><dataset  seriesName = '< 1 [as]'  renderAs = 'Column' ><set value='28.0'/><set value=''/></dataset><dataset  seriesName = '3'  renderAs = 'Column' ><set value=''/><set value='28.0'/></dataset></chart>



Is there a quick fix for this?






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We are using v3.2.2:


* The version of FusionCharts.js
version: [3, 2, 2, 'release', 3880]

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Yes, this issue has been identified in HTML 5 charts.


This will be fixed and updated in out next service release.


As a work around, if value is zero, then set element as <set value='' />


Hope this helps.:)

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