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I am using Fusion Charts version v3.2.2. As far as my knowledge is concerned, fusion charts support doughnut charts. Is it possible to have a multi-series(multi-level) doughnut chart by any chance? I have attached a copy of the chart which I would like to configure.


Looking for your directions.


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Hi there,

Old post, but I am also looking for a multi-series pie/doughnut chart, with independent series. In your multi-level pie/doughnut chart (which is also called a Sunburst), data is hierarchical and always related: one outer green slice is always close to a green slay inner slice.

If you look at the image of the original poster, there is no such hierarchy. Here is another similar example:


Could we populate two unrelated data series with your multi-level pie? If yes, how?

Best Regards,


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Hi Cristian,


FusionCharts Multi-level Pie Chart represents hierarchical data, the inner and the outer slices are related to each other. You requirement is not possible to achieve your requirement.

As a work-around, you can render multiple doughnut charts each on an individual div. Along with additional CSS property to place all the divs on top of each other. Also the containerBackgroundOpacity must be set to "0" at constructor level to set it to transparent.


This will bring the final output similar to the provided image.

Please note : Legend interaction will not be possible in the above implementation.

Sample fiddle : http://jsfiddle.net/sz7o4qca/


Hope this helps.



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