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setTreshold problem

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I have a web page includes a PowerChart Drag-Node.

When the page loads there is an ASP.NET AJAX call to the server to get the chart data. Then the chart is created.

However, when I try to call setTreshold(x) on the newly created chart I get an error:

"Object doesn't support this property or method Error"

But when I later call this code to change the treshold as response to an event:

myChart = getChartFromId('myChartId


myChart.setThreshold(val / 100.0);

It is working fine.

I am really puzzled...

Is there any way to set the treshhold immediatly after creating the chart?


Ofer Bar

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I found sample code for that.

Now I call this code in FC_Rendered() function:

var myChart = getChartFromId(g_chartResult.ChartName);

myChart.setThreshold(g_chartResult.MinimumTreshold / 100.0);

And I can see it is called OK (no error).

However, it still doesn't have any effect on the chart look and I can see *all* the links.

But when I call it later using an AJAX SliderExtender, it works.

Why is that?


Ofer Bar

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Well, due to the overwhelming responses :) I had to look for a solution myself.

Placing the code in the FC_Rendered() function simply doesn't work!

I guess it's a bug of some sort, but anyway the solution is to delay calling setTreshold().

I replaced it with this line of code:


'OnSliderChange()', 1000);

And calling setTreshold() inside the event handler OnSliderChange() is now working.

I hope others will find this helpful.

Ofer Bar

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I have the same problem when trying to set threshold at render callback time, it has no effect.




When I update the XML via setXmlData, there is another useful callback: FC_DataLoaded, but I have the same problem: If I call setThreshold in this callback, it has no effect.




I'll try the timeout stuff.

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