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Getchartfromid Doesn't Work In Firefox And Chrome

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I am frustrated with one bug, I have function call var chartObj = getChartFromId(id);. below code in FusionCharts.js file perfectly works IE but not in Firefox and Chrome. In case of Chrome and Firefox it returns null(chartObj is null), but in case of IE it is chart object and I can use setDataXML to change chart XML.



window.getChartFromId =


function (a) {


return f.core.items[a] instanceof f.core ? f.core.items[a].ref : f.swfobject.getObjectById(a)




function getObjectById(a) {

var r = null;

var o = getElementById(a);

if (o && o.nodeName == "OBJECT") {

if (typeof o.SetVariable != w) {

r = o

} else {

var n = o.getElementsByTagName(OBJECT)[0];

if (n) {

r = n




return r




Please help me.



Thanks & Regards,





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