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Mansi Shah

Column 3D Chart : Wrong X-Axis Name

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i am using Column 3D Bar chart in my project. In one graph i need to show arrows as axis name. I am showing arrows using HTML CODE for arrows like, for left arrrow code = "←" etc.

My problem is that the arrows displayed on x-axis shows wrong arrows although the data written in xml is fine, even in tooltip of bars it shows correct arrows.

Here is example of my xml data and image what its showing :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<chart caption="Missade inspel" decimals="1" showvalues="0" chartBottomMargin="10" formatNumberScale="0" yAxisValueDecimals="1" adjustDiv="0" numDivLines="3" forceDecimals="1" yAxisMinValue="0" yAxisMaxValue="100" NumberSuffix="%" labelDisplay="Rotate" slantLabels="1">
<set label="↓" value="66.67" />
<set label="↙" value="16.67" />
<set label="↘" value="16.67" />


i have attached image of what i get by this xml data.



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Guest Sumedh

Hi Mansi,


Could you please remove labelDisplay="Rotate" and slantLabels="1" attributes? and try to render it once again?


Also find attached screen-shot for your reference.


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