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Client Side Export Chart

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I am trying to export chart,


I used the example from in this page i downloaded and unzip it into tomcat\webapps and everything is working i can export the chart to pdf and to save it

my question is : i want to unzip the same zip file to my local drive like c:\myTest and to run it from there BUT when i am doing that the export is not working. I can see the chart but the save button is missing


is it possiable to run it without any web server like tomcat/iis ?

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Guest Sashibhusan



Yes, it is possible to export the chart image by rendering from your local machine.


But prior to that you need to setup Flash Player Global Security Settings for your application because exporting process does require communication between charts and JavaScript.


For more information on "How to setup Flash Player Global Security Settings?", please follow the link below:


Hope this helps!

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