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Guidelines On The Daily Graph Are Missing

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Hi Team,


Please help us out. The issue arises while I tried to introduce 'trendlines'. The attached image normal.gif is the image with 'trendlines'.


var trendlines = new XElement("trendlines", new XElement("line", new XAttribute("startvalue", this.Campaign.GetKpiTarget(kpi)), new XAttribute("displayValue", "Target"), new XAttribute("thickness", "3"), new XAttribute("color", "85E61A"), new XAttribute("valueOnRight", 1), new XAttribute("toolText", "Target")));


As since the trendline value is far beyond the graph y-axis, it isn't shown here.


As a result I tried to introduce max value of x-axis.

chart.Add(new XAttribute("yAxisMaxValue", 1000));


In this case the graph is as attached as yaxizmax.gif


The image itself is self explanatory.


Waiting for the reply in anticipation.






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