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Multi-series Area 2D chart

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Iam using Multi-series Area 2D chart,can u please guide me in specifying the appropriate XML

attributes for displaying the anchors(plots) in the graph

please give me the sample XML data to display the anchors(plots) in the curve(graph)

tell me How  and where to the attriburtes


anchorSides, anchorRadius

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You need to use anchorAlpha='100' to make the invisible-but-enabled anchors visible.

<chart anchorAlpha='100' >


 <category label='Jan' />

 <category label='Feb' />

 <category label='Mar' />


<dataset seriesName='2005' >

 <set value='31900' />

 <set value='32900' />

 <set value='34800' />


<dataset seriesName='2006' >

 <set value='21900' />

 <set value='22900' />

 <set value='29800' />



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