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Resizeto Not Working On Fc Xt 3.2.2 Sr5 (Javascript Renderer)

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We recently upgraded to FusionCharts XT(v3.2.2) SR5 from SR3, and the resizeTo method on the charts doesn't seem to work anymore when using JavaScript renderer.

It works fine when using Flash charts.


I did some debugging and found that the resize method in FusionCharts.HC.js does not do anything because of the following check:


if (!(container && container.resize)) {



The *container* is empty, but not sure why. This was definitely working in SR3.




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This issue has now been resolved, I was calling setXMLData() after resizeTo() (which used to work in SR3), now I've just moved the resize call after setXMLData() which fixes this issue.

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