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Is There Any Possibility To Track The Touch Event Of Pie Slice Returning To Titanium Framework

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Hi !


When selecting 1 of the pie(datapot) in pie-graph, webservice request has to go through


titanium framwork and combi-bar graph has to be rendered in the new area (in same window were pie-chart has be used) using titanium . 





Is there any possibility to track the touch event of pie slice returning to framework?



To be more clear Please find the attachment .post-37935-0-77812700-1366269781_thumb.png

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Guest Sashibhusan



You could use Pie chart, drill-down functionality to meet your requirement.


So for that, you need to provide the child chart (Bar chart) data, in the "link" attribute of the <set> element of your patent chart data, so that upon clicking on pie slice of parent chart, you can drill down into descendent charts.


Also, you can configure the container where you need to render the child chart.


For more information on "Creating LinkedCharts", please visit the link below:


However, if you require, you could track the events raised by FusionCharts framework, while drilling down the chart.


For more details on "FusionCharts JavaScript API - Events", please visit the link:


Hope this helps!

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