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Access to the FC files in a root level folder

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So far I've been working with the swf, dll and the .js files inside the website folder.




Now I'm trying to move all the files to a unique folder at root level ( wwwroot folder), just as the documentation recommends for an easy administration of the files and to avoid redundacy of having the same .swf chart many times.




The folder tree is something like this:






- - wwwroot


- - - - FusionCharts <- the folder with all the charts, .js and dll


- - - - website1


- - - - website2




What i'm trying to do is to redirect all the return FusionCharts.RenderChart("chart.swf",etc,etc.) to the FusionCharts folder wich is outside the website folder.




So far I've tried with "../FusionCharts/Chart.swf" , "../../FusionCharts/Chart.swf", "~/FusionCharts/Chart.swf" "C:/Inetpub/wwwroot/FusionCharts/Chart.swf" with no success, I still get the white DIV. But if I place the .swf on the web folder it plots perfectly, so it must be I'm setting the route wrong.




How will be the correct way to do that? Do I need to make the FusionCharts Folder a virtual directory in order to work what I'm trying to do?




Can I do the same with the .dll ? so far I need to place the .dll inside the Bin folder of the website to be able to add the Using InfoSoftGlobal; line into the code. Can I call the .dll from the outside (the FusionCharts folder) and still be able to use add that line intto my code?

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