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Bubble Chart: X Axis Labels

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I've tried pretty much every option I can find, but I'm not able to get the labels to display on the XAxis, the YAxis is working properly. I've had the xAxisLabelDisplay, and showXAxisValues, at different values, and tried removing them completely, but see no change in behavior.


Screenshot attached.


Using the Bubble.swf with the following XML:


<chart yAxisName="Stupid to Smart" 
       xAxisName="Lazy to Industrious" 
<dataSet showValues="1">
<set x="5.0" y="10.0" z="35.0" label="ACME Tiny Bubbles"/>
<set x="10.0" y="10.0" z="10.0" label="Tiny Bubble Inc"/>
<set x="15.0" y="5.0" z="6.0" label="Standard Bubbles"/>
<set x="27.0" y="13.0" z="24.0" label="Unknown Bubbles"/>
I've also tried using the 'name' attribute in the set tags, instead of the 'label' attribute,  but couldn't see any apparent difference.


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Welcome to FusionCharts Forum  :)


We tried to render a Bubble chart using the XML you have pasted here and it seems that the X-axis labels are visible in the chart. Please find the attached screenshot of the same.


Could you please check if you are using the latest version of FusionCharts v3.3.1 SR2? If not, you may download the trial copy of the same from and check again.


Awaiting your response.


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Guest Rishab
Please ensure that you have replaced the old version JavaScript & SWF  files with the latest version files.
Also, please ensure to clear the browser cache.

If still the problem exists, please let us know your browser details along with screenshot.


Hope it helps!

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