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Fusionchart in android

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Hi ,


I want to develop application using fusion chart on android devices. :ph34r: :ph34r:


I already have the license. :D :D


But i dont know where to start. :unsure: :unsure:


Please provide example of integrating fusion chart in android 2.3.3 as fusion chart working fine on API 3+ devices. :mellow: :mellow:


I am not able to find necessary help regarding fusion chart and android over net. :mad: :mad:

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Guest Rishab



You can render the FusionCharts  in Android 2.3.3 and below only by installing the Flash Player apk which you can download from Google Play.

The JavaScript version of FusionCharts is currently not supported by Android 2.3(API 10) and below.

However, since Honeycomb both the Flash version (in presence of Flash Player) and the JavaScript version of FusionCharts are  supported.

Below is the attached sample which may help you to start off with your application development using FusionCharts.

Hope this helps.

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