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Hi All, 





I got a situation, during the fusion chart development. We are using bar charts, instead of displaying the value we are displaying a custom message on the data plot area using the attribute "displayValue". 


the problem is, we are using two different colors for dataplots. The display value's font color should be in contrast with dataplot colors. But I am unable to customize (use different font color) display value. Is it a limitation ? . Do we have any way to make it work. ? 


I am using FusionCharts XT(v3.2.2) SR5 (1st November, 2012) version. 






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Guest Rishab


The Font style allows you to control text properties for all the text on the chart.

Using this, you can set the color, size, background color, border color, spacing etc. of individual text elements on the chart.

Currently, it is not possible to provide the different font colors to different data plots of a same chart.

Hope this helps!

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