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Special characters in Fusion chart label

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There are some special characters that we need to handle like '&', "<",">"etc..


Is there is any way to encode and decode the special characters other then this


because there is so many special symbols in word documents in my case the datas will be taken from word doc and will display as graph,  i handled apostrophe like this in my code for eg: replace("'","'") and other few symbols that mentioned in above reference link.that is working fine. 


But if you check there are some different quote symbols in word doc, like Left single quote, right single quote at all.


For few scenarios the symbols are not showing properly, so, please Suggest is there anyway like encoding and decoding something like that.


And for japanese characters , i will be doing only below code is that correct?


<%@ page 
contentType="text/html; charset=UTF-8"



Thanks in advance.


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Yes, you need to encode the special characters if you want to use them in your data. We do not have any documentation for a complete list of special characters along with their encodings, since this list is huge. You may google out the same to find encodings used for desired characters. For eg, For left quote ‘ is used and for right quote ’ is used. 



   <set label='Jan‘'  ..../>
   <set label='Feb’'  ....  />
Also, the code you have pasted for encoding Japanese characters in a JSP page seems to be appropriate.
Hope this helps.

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