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Unable to find an MSScatter chart during upgrade evaluation

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I am new to FusionCharts. Our Product has been using FusionCharts for Flash based charting (I think version 2.3 with a commercial license). We need to support charting related functionality for iPad as well and are looking into some options for the same. Noticed the XT version of Fusion Charts and downloaded the trial version for evaluation.


Passed the initial hurdles (mostly javascript errors) and now I am stuck with the issue of basic nature/type of the graph not being rendered.


We have been using something called FC_MSScatter.swf and it renders the data like a scatter chart with some additional lines (see attachment Old_FC_MSScatter.pdf).


But during the evaluation, I am uanble to find something similar to FC_MSScatter.swf. I find Scatter.swf in the Charts folder. In the code I tried using it and it presents the data in just the scatter chart form (see attachment New_Scatter.pdf) without the lines. Same is the case when I set the renderer to javascript and pass "Scatter" as the first parameter in new FusionCharts("Scatter", "mychartid", somewidth, someheight, "0", "1");. Though it does render on the iPad.


How can I get the same functionality as before?


Thank you.





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Guest Sumedh

Hello Jitesh,


To render a JavaScript chart, you would need add all necessary JavaScript files into your project folder.


> FusionCharts.js

> FusionCharts.HC.js

> FusionCharts.HC.Charts.js

> jquery.min.js


Please refer the following link:


According to new version of FusionCharts XT, to join all the data-points, you would need to use 'drawLine' attribute at <dataset> element.


Set this attribute as '1'.


Ref. Code:

<dataset ... drawLine='1'>


For more information, please refer the following link:


If this doesn't suffice, then please paste your chart XML here.

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Hi Sumedh,


Thank you for your prompt reply and help. Really appreciate it.


It worked well and helped me understand this domain a bit more :)




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