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Hi everyone,


I have been exploring the possibilities with FusionCharts for a little while now and am currently exploring their limitations as our company is looking at purchasing the full product.


At the moment I am experimenting with the trail version of FusionCharts, however I have come across a requirement in our current system that I am finding that I am unable to recreate in FusionCharts and therefore would be very grateful if anyone has had a similar issue or whether there is a solution.


A few charts that we currently display are a combination of column and scatter charts.


I am able to recreate the chart using the 2D combination chart (currently using the 2-yAxis chart type) with column and line, but is there a way for me to render the series in question as scatter in the context of this chart?  I've looked into the renderAs attribute and other chart types, but cannot see (in documentation / Google) a way for this to be done at current.


Thank you for any assistance!



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Well, after searching for a while and then finally posting - I've suddenly been notified of a post already on the FC forums with the answer!  


Set the dataset alpha property to 0.1 and the line is removed, yet the anchors still exist.  This works perfectly!



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