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Multitude of inexplicable rendering problems with zoomline

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Hi guys,


I have the following attributes in my chart's xml and many of them do not render for some reason:


<chart dynamicAxis='1' toolbar='c0392b' toolbarButtonFontColor='FFFFFF' mouseCursorColor='c0392b' zeroPlaneColor='E51400' numDivLines='6' showAlternateHGridColor='0' numVDivLines= '10' showAlternateVGridColor='0' showVDivLines='1' showtooltip='1' showToolTipShadow='0' toolTipBorderColor='FFFFFF' toolTipBorderColor='FFFFFF' connectnulldata='1' compactdatamode='1' showLabels='1' baseFontColor ='FFFFFF' showBorder='0' bgColor='FFFFFF' bgAlpha='0' showYAxisValues='1' showXAxisValues='1'  pixelsperpoint='15' drawToolbarButtons='1' dataseparator='|' drawAnchors='0' scrollColor='595959' scrollPadding='0' scrollBtnPadding='0' scrollChannelBorderColor='595959' scrollBtnArrowColor='595959' legendBgColor='FFFFFF' legendBgAlpha='0' legendBorderColor='FFFFFF' legendBorderThickness='0' legendShadow='0' legendAllowDrag='1' legendBorderAlpha='0' legendposition='BOTTOM' legendPadding='10' canvasBorderColor='34495e' canvasBorderThickness='1' canvasBgColor='FFFFFF' canvasbgAlpha='0' showCanvasBorder='1' chartTopMargin='10' canvasPadding='2' zoomPaneBgColor='FFFFFF' zoomPaneBgAlpha='10' >


showVDivLines='1' ---> no vertical div lines

canvasPadding='2' --->canvas padding is enormous

toolbar='c0392b' ---> no change of color for the buttons

zeroPlaneColor='E51400' ----> did turn red, then disappeared


Any thoughts? Getting a bit frustrated :-)






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Hi Mark,


Please find our answers below:


1. showVDivLines='1' ---> no vertical div lines 

Ans: We tried to render a Zoom Line chart with dummy data using your chart attributes and found that the vertical Div lines show up fine on the chart. This attribute when set to 1 enables the rendering of vertical divisional line for every data label, which seems to be showing up fine. Please refer the attached screenshot.


2. canvasPadding='2' --->canvas padding is enormous

Ans: This attribute is not supported by Zoom Line chart. Please refer the XML API for a list of attributes supported by Zoom Line chart.


If you want to reduce the empty space that is present on the left and right side of your chart, then please use the attributes "chartLeftMargin" and "chartRightMargin" of chart element.  Please refer the attached XML.


3. toolbar='c0392b' ---> no change of color for the buttons

Ans: The attribute used to change the color of buttons is "toolbarButtonColor".  Please refer :


4. zeroPlaneColor='E51400' ----> did turn red, then disappeared

Ans: This attribute seems to be working fine at our end. Please refer the attached screenshot.


If this does not help, then please attach the entire XML data along with a screenshot of chart obtained.



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Fantastic thanks for the image, in fact the button stays quite grey, no matter how you color it, didn't realise.


Red plane line came back with v div lines two days later... go figure.


Thanks again for the response, really appreciate it as I am doing so many of your graphs at the moment!!! ;-)





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