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Context Menu To Download Chart to Png

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Good Day Sir,


i am using Fusionchart to My project , I Didn't Need Fusionchart Export png,jpg Format


Why Then This is Cost Based Download Option, Free user Can Download WaterMark Image on Fusionchart,


So I need Context Menu TO Get Chart Current Object And Export PNG,JPEG,




Please Give Example On Download Format?


How I COnvert Fusionchart SVG to Image Format, Or COnvert TO DataUrl

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FusionCharts shows context menu (menu visible on right-click on the chart) only in its Flash variant and JavaScript variant of FusionCharts does not support context menu.


If you want to export chart to image/PDF/SVG then you need to use the export icon visible on the top right corner of the chart. To export the chart using this export icon, set the attribute "exportEnabled" to "1" of chart element and remove the other export attributes.


Alternatively, if you do not want user to export the chart but the export to happen on click of a button, then you may obtain the DOM ID of the chart and call the "exportChart()" method of FusionCharts JavaScript API in the JS function called on click of this button.



<chart ... exportEnabled='1' >


In JS function:

FusionCharts("chartId").exportChart( { exportFormat : 'PDF'} );


Hope this helps.

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I only know how to I convert Fusionchart SVG to image format, such as png, gif, or jpeg, but I don't know how to convert Fusionchart SVG tO DataUrl. SVG is a vector image format, and png, gif, bmp or jpeg is raste image files, it is quite easy to convert vector image to raster image as long as you refer to a mature image converter, then load and click the convert button, you can get raste image formats.

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