Dashed Line Chart?

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I'm trying to build a line chart (MSLine.swf) and I want my lines to be dashed (or dotted).  I see I can apply the dashed attribute to a trend line <vLine dashed='1' />.  I also can add the dashed attribute to the dataset <dataset dashed="1">.  When I apply this attribute to the dataset for a chart area (MSArea.swf), I get the result I want.


Is this feature NOT supported for line charts?


What am I missing?


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Welcome to FusionCharts forum post.


The  "linedashed" is supported in line charts of FusionCharts Suite. Below is fiddle link where "lineDashed" is used in the chart element and set to 1 which renders a MSline chart with dashed lines. Also, you can make use of the 

"dashed" and set it to 0 in any of the data set which you want to be render just as a line.   And please make sure you are using the upgraded version of FusionCharts suite.


Hope it helps.

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Hi ,

I am plotting a discontinuous ms-line chart . I know how to incorporate a dashed line when i come across a null value. However, when there are two consecutive null values, the dashed line goes all the way to the real value.

Is there a way i can make the dashed line stop at the first null value ?

For reference i am attaching a snapshot of the current view i have. Now on the upper line at April 22 19:00 , solid line stops as the next value at April 22 20.00 is null. The next value at 21:00 is also a null value. I want to create a dashed line from April 22 19:00 to April 22 20.00. I dont want this dashed line to continue to next data point at April 22 21:00. Is there a way to do so ?

Basically goal is to make sure where the upper line stops, lower one should start from there. So to compensate the missing link whenever there isa  null data , i ma trying to came up with dashed line. 

Can someone please guide?





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HI Aman,

FusionCharts do not interpret with data passed to the chart and chart is rendered dynamically at front-end. To achieve your requirement you have to use chart attribute `connectNullData` and its value as `1` to connect line for data plots which are null.

If you want null connection lines to be dashed, then you have to pass chart attribute `dashed` and its value as `1` for data plot which has some value before null data point. Please check this JSFiddle sample for the same: 

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