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Getting chart slice index

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(Apologies for the repost; I think I originally had this in the wrong subforum)




In my collaboration tool, I need to capture the slice event and programatically slice the same chart on a different browser.


The function slicePlotItem() requires an index for the data item to be sliced, but the data argument of slicingStart (or slicingEnd) does not contain this index.


How do you suggest determining the index of the sliced data?





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A simple solution (albeit one which shouldn't be necessary) is to compare the chart's slices at the start and end of the slice, and find the slice that changed, like so:

 var chartSliceStateStart = []; //the state of the chart's slices before slicing
        var chartSliceStateEnd = []; //the state of the chart's slices after slicing

        FusionCharts.addEventListener('slicingStart', function (event, args) {

            chartSliceStateStart = [];

            for (var i=0; i < event.sender.getJSONData().data.length; i++)


        FusionCharts.addEventListener('slicingEnd', function (event, args) {
            callServerHub(function () {

                var sliceIndex = 0;
                var clickedSliceFound = false;

                chartSliceStateEnd = [];

                for (var i = 0; i < event.sender.getJSONData().data.length; i++) {

                var i =0;
                while (!clickedSliceFound && i < chartSliceStateStart.length)
                    clickedSliceFound = chartSliceStateStart[i] != chartSliceStateEnd[i];
                    sliceIndex = i;

                if (clickedSliceFound) {
                    // do something with sliceIndex


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