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Changing Background in realtime on HLED graph

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fusioncharts is great: i'm building great value in few days of work.

I have a question for you great guys: it is possible (like in the title) to update in realtime even the colors of the background of the gauge (or the font color, or other parameters...?)

the method that i'm using is the following, i added valueFontColor as example:


jQuery.getJSON("stream.json", function(ajaxresult) {   FusionCharts("p1sms").feedData("&value=" + ajaxresult.psms1 );   FusionCharts("p1sms").feedData("&valueFontColor=" + ajaxresult.csms1 );   FusionCharts("p2sms").feedData("&value=" + ajaxresult.psms2 );   FusionCharts("p1mol").feedData("&value=" + ajaxresult.pmol1 );   FusionCharts("p1buf").feedData("&value=" + ajaxresult.pbuf1 );  


Thank you so much

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Welcome to FusionCharts Forum.


Glad to know that FusionCharts is fulfilling your purpose.


As per your question regarding real time update, I want to confirm you that it is possible to update the chart attributes in real time.


The attributes can be background color , valuefontcolor, etc. But using feedData() it is not possible to change the chart attributes. You can change the value of the chart but not the attributes using this function.


 A sample has been attached for your reference.


Hope this helps.

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