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How do i solve the 0% value? It says 0% on the smart line even though it has some data 0.00045 in it. I know that i'm using the "decimals=2".


But when I have to show the live data, I have to show that. Is there anyway it can round it up????


I have attached the image of the chart, and for baby and sports it says 0% while they both have some value.


Please, solve it for me. 


 "chart": {
                "caption": "Split of revenue by product categories",
                "subCaption": "Last year",
                "numberPrefix": "$",
                "showPercentValues": "1",
                "showPercentInTooltip": "0",
                "enableSmartLabels": "1",
                "decimals": "2",
                "skipOverlapLabels": "1",
                "useDataPlotColorForLabels": "0",
                "theme": "fint"
            "data": [{
                "label": "Food",
                "value": "2850400"
            }, {
                "label": "Apparel",
                "value": "146330"
            }, {
                "label": "Baby",
                "value": "100"
            }, {
                "label": "Sports",
                "value": "140"
            }, {
                "label": "Bedding",
                "value": "17000"
            }, {
                "label": "Car Wash",
                "value": "75000"
            }, {
                "label": "Pet Foods",
                "value": "76000"
            }, {
                "label": "Packaged Water",
                "value": "45000"


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