Upgrade from very customized Free v1.2.3F to XT? Assistance?

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We've been on the free version on a small department intranet site, and the free version 1.2.3F code has been customized quite a bit (not by me). I'm not a js guru by any means. Our site is MySQL/PHP, and we primarily use Gantt charts in about 3 different places on the site.


Obviously, with Flash being a thing of the past, plus a leap year bug dropping a day in the calendar and not showing it properly for the rest of the year, it's probably time to upgrade. However, I wouldn't know the first place to start based on all of the custom code we have in place to draw these charts.


I've been emailing a sales email address, but replies are slow and not helpful as of right now.


Any suggestions on how to switch over to the new version and get some help (from FusionCharts our outside of it) to update our site's code (including paying for the coding work, of course).

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Per email assistance, I replaced all js files from the old package with new ones (and changed pointers to "fusioncharts.js" to lowercase. However, not I see a message that just says "Chart type not supported."


Old code also points to "includes/FusionCharts.php", which references $ChartSWF and such, which I imagine isn't used anymore. If I remove that callout to that include, I get an error, so it's still using that code somewhere in my files to render the charts.

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Hi Chris,


Please check out the following points at your end:


1. If the chart type is correct. For Gantt chart, the type should be "Gantt". The .swf extension and files are no longer required. 


2. Do check if you have all the correct files at your end.






Once, checked please do share your feedback.



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