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Zoomline chart does not display x-axis correctly

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Hello again!!

After much time, I have come back to the zoomline chart and see that the issue I had before with the scaling seems to be resolved....great job!!. I have another issue with the way the zoomline chart displays the x-axis. I have attached two images of the chart, one is the zoomed out view and you can see that the x-axis has not displayed correctly. I zoomed into one of the days (second image) and the x-axis seems ok. I have also attached the generated XML file. Can you see if this is replicated with you and if not, where am I going wrong. The data points are in intervals of 15 minutes. Thank you in anticipation.




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Thanks for getting back.


1. I removed the attributes as per your post but the initial display of the chart is not what I'm after.  I need the chart to display a more higher definition of the data.


2. I put the attributes back in and changed the maxPeakDataLimit to 1000 and although the x-axis displayed ok, the profile did not display the peak values, See Chart 1.jpg. This had been an original problem from a previous post. I really need the chart to display the correct values when zoomed out as well as zoomed in as the utility supplier will be looking at these and they need to spot peaks from the chart and then zoom into those times.


3. If I change the type of utility (from water to gas), again the peak values are not displayed and when I change the maxPeakDataLimit back to 0 or remove it, The peak values return (although when hovered over, they are missed) but the x-axis is displayed incorrectly so I'm back to square one again. See Chart 2.jpg. If I change back to a basic line chart, I get all the points shown (even when hovered over) but loose the functionality of displaying large amounts of data  (as it takes too long to render) and being able to zoom in.


Rendering times (xml attached - bigZoomData.xml and bigLineData.xml)

Data from 01/01/2016 to 28/04/2016 (11,328 points)

Line chart - 25 seconds (no zoom functionality). Sorry for being pedantic over the time.

Zoomline chart 3 seconds


I have tried various combination with the attributes you have mentioned but just can't get the final chart to display correctly


I have attached the 2 jpg's and xml files for water and gas.


As I have mentioned before, this is a really good chart with great functionality if it can display correctly.


Any further help is always appreciated








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