Multi-series Chart: Empty-set not working issue

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Hi Team,


we have requirement where in a multi-series LINE & AREA chart, for some series we need to plot empty-set data-point(s). Please see below the highlighted series. But looks like its not working.


<chart caption="Sales of Liquor" xaxisname="Close Date" yaxisname="Sales (In USD)" numberprefix="$" palettecolors="#0075c2,#FF6600" bgcolor="#ffffff"  useplotgradientcolor="0" legendborderalpha="0" legendshadow="1" plotfillalpha="60" showxaxisline="1" axislinealpha="25" showvalues="0" captionfontsize="14" subcaptionfontsize="14" subcaptionfontbold="0" divlinecolor="#999999" divlinedashed="1" divlinedashlen="1" divlinegaplen="1" showalternatehgridcolor="0" tooltipcolor="#ffffff" tooltipborderthickness="0" tooltipbgcolor="#000000" tooltipbgalpha="80" tooltipborderradius="2" tooltippadding="5" >

<category label="1" /> <category label="2" /> <category label="3" /> <category label="4" /> <category label="5" /> <category label="6" /> <category label="7" />
<dataset seriesname="Q1 2016">
<set  value="0" /> <set value="10" /> <set value="10" /> <set value="25" /> <set value="25" /> <set value="25" /> <set value="25" />
<dataset seriesname="Q2 2016">
<set  value="0" /> <set value="10" /> <set value="10" /> <set value="35" /> <set value="35" /> <set value="35" /> <set value="35" /> 
  <dataset seriesname="Quota">
<set  value="2" /> <set /> <set /> <set /> <set /> <set /> <set value="39" /> 
        <line  startValue="2" endValue="39" color="#0066CC" valueonright="1" displayvalue="Quota Amt" />

I have found the following related discussion(s), I have posted my query there also. But just for quick reply, I am starting a new thread.



Please let me know if there is some other way to plot empty-sets or Is it a bug??


We are using Fusioncharts version 3.5.1.

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Thanks for your query.

By default empty dataset is not connected in Multi-series-Line or Multi-series-Area chart.We definitely can connect empty data set points in Multi-series-Line and Multi-series-Area chart by setting  "connectNullData" attribute value to "1" using latest version of FusionCharts. 

Please refer to following sample.


Could you please illustrate how you want to visualize empty data sets.

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Thanks Soumya!


It is working now. In our case nothing special, actually we are plotting different Quarters as part of series(s), and in different quarter, we want to plot data if data is available for that day. Hence, we were looking for empty data-sets. 

Thanks for quick reply.

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