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  1. Hi, You are using too older Flash based version of FusionCharts which has been deprecated long ago and support is not available. Please note you need to upgrade with the latest FusionCharts version and need to take a license for that. Thanks Soumya
  2. Hi, The Flash version has been deprecated long ago kindly check with the full JavaScript version of FusionCharts which you could download from Also please check with the latest FusionCharts ASP.NET wrapper for further reference please check from the following tutorial link Thanks Soumya
  3. Save graph as image using ASP?

    FusionCharts does not support any plugin for Classic ASP and Microsoft has deprecated the Classic ASP hence only possible support is for ASP.NET. Please check the tutorial link and implement accordingly.
  4. Hi, You are implementing a too older version of FusionCharts and FusionCharts ASP.NET wrapper. You could check with the latest FusionCharts version and check. You could check the following sample showcasing AJAX call in ASP.NET application AJAX Also check You could check the following sample for implementing FusionCharts within update panel control UpdatePanel check the above-given sample and implement accordingly based on your requirements. Thanks Soumya
  5. Save graph as image using ASP?

    Hi, Yes, you can use the latest FusionCharts JavaScript version and FusionCharts AP.NET wrapper for rendering supported charts in ASP.NET application. We would like to request you please check the following tutorial link for step by step process of including the FusionCharts.dll and how you could render the chart. Also sample could be downloaded from there. Hope this would help. Thanks Soumya
  6. FusionCharts library .NET

    Hi, Yes, you need to provide multiple measures for each category label. For reference check the below code snippet and implement accordingly. using System; using System.Web.Mvc; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Diagnostics; using System.Linq; using System.Threading.Tasks; using FusionCharts.Visualization; using FusionCharts.DataEngine; using System.Data; namespace FusionChartsSamples { public class HomeController : Controller { public ActionResult Index() { DataTable ChartData = new DataTable(); ChartData.Columns.Add("Programming Language", typeof(System.String)); ChartData.Columns.Add("Users", typeof(System.Double)); ChartData.Rows.Add("Java",62000); ChartData.Rows.Add("Python",46000); ChartData.Rows.Add("Javascript",38000); ChartData.Rows.Add("C++",31000); ChartData.Rows.Add("C#",27000); ChartData.Rows.Add("PHP",14000); ChartData.Rows.Add("Perl",14000); // Create static source with this data table StaticSource source = new StaticSource(ChartData); // Create instance of DataModel class DataModel model = new DataModel(); // Add DataSource to the DataModel model.DataSources.Add(source); // Instantiate Column Chart Charts.ColumnChart column = new Charts.ColumnChart("first_chart"); // Set Chart's width and height column.Width.Pixel(700); column.Height.Pixel(400); // Set DataModel instance as the data source of the chart column.Data.Source = model; // Set Chart Title column.Caption.Text = "Most popular programming language"; // Sset chart sub title column.SubCaption.Text = "2017-2018"; // hide chart Legend column.Legend.Show = false; // set XAxis Text column.XAxis.Text = "Programming Language"; // Set YAxis title column.YAxis.Text = "User"; column.ThemeName = FusionChartsTheme.ThemeName.FUSION; ViewData["Chart"] = column.Render(); return View(); } } } For reference check the following sample
  7. Hi, The gradient legend is showcasing a pane which is derived from the "colorRange" definitions where the color objects need to define for numeric range blends with the next color allowing to form a gradient strip. According to your use case you need to set color object from lower to higher value i.e from white to red. For reference please check where the generic definition is provided within "colorRange" object and each color object defining the specific numeric range corresponding to a particular color. Hope this would help.
  8. update line chart data every 2 seconds

    Hi Harry, According to your scenario, you want to fetch data from the database periodically and want to append within the chart data source. Hence we would like to suggest you please create a controller Action method for fetching records from the database and via AJAX you can have the result from view. Please check the following regarding how to perform AJAX call over a time interval Also please visit Regarding partial vie update we would like to request you please implement Partial view rendering in ASP.NET MVC for reference please check Moreover, we went through the attached code snippet of the Razor view and observed the ASP.NET wrapper is not implemented. Please note FusionCharts support ASP.NET wrapper for rendering supported charts in ASP.NET environment for reference you could check the following tutorial link Also, like to let you know you could call API methods using the FusionCharts wrapper for reference please check Please check the above mentioned suggestions and implement accordingly. Thanks
  9. Hi, Please check the sample from the below given Dropbox link UpdatePanel
  10. Hi, Please check the sample from below given Dropbox link UpdatePanel
  11. FusionExport is not working in angular 5/6

    Hi, Already we communicated over support ticket. If you have any further issue please let us know in the same mail chain.
  12. Hay. I would like to suggest you to implement jQuery modal popup for showcasing the child chart after clicking on the parent chart data plot. For reference please check the following sample Now you might ask me why I am suggesting to implement jQuery modal pop up for your scenario hence check out the following points. 1. It is easier to implement jQuery modal pop up. 2. If you want to implement query string to pass child chart information on the fly it is merely possible because FusionCharts take the entire JSON/XML structure for parents as well as child chart data source altogether only thing is possible you could specify a different JSON file for each child chart. 3. The entire code if you implement jQuery modal popup it would stay in client side no serverside interaction like query string is not necessary hence more secure and fast. Please check the sample and implement the same in ASP.NET environment.
  13. Updatepanel On Postback

    Hi, Thanks for getting in touch. Please check the sample from the below given Dropbox link and implement accordingly. UpdatePanel Thanks

    Hi, Thanks for getting in touch. You need to write data access methodology for accessing data from the underline database and after fetching data you need to convert it in prescribed JSON or XML format for rendering the supported chart. For further reference please check our tutorial link showcasing how data from SQL database could be fetched and render FusionCharts supported chart Hope this would help.
  15. Hi, Thanks for getting in touch. Please check our tutorial link showcasing how to incorporate FusionCharts in VB.NET environment. Also please check the sample there in the tutorial link for further reference.