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  1. Gantt Chart Indent Tasks

    Hi, Thanks for the query. Please set the align attribute within processes object as left, center or right to set the alignment for the process labels. For further reference please check the sample fiddle Please note here the align attribute within the processes object is set as left but according to your requirement you could set the center or right. Thanks
  2. Get DrillDown chart linked data from Ajax

    Hi, Please check your implementation once. According to your query, you are doing the AJAX call for fetching data for child chart and please check whether you are calling setJSONData FusionCharts API method for appending the linked chart JSON/XML structure with parent chart JSON/XML structure or not. Yes, you could fetch the child chart JSON/XML structure through AJAX call within dataPlotClick FusionCharts API event but according to your requirement, you need to append the fetched JSON/XML structure for child chart with the parent JSON/XML structure for rendering child chart anyway. Please note FusionCharts provide beforeDrilldown , beforeLinkedItemOpen API events which may be included according to your requirements. Please visit for further reference regarding FusionCharts beforeDrillDown API event, Same way also you could visit regarding beforeLinkedItemOpen FusionCharts API event. Regarding setJSONData FusionCharts API method please visit Hope this would help.
  3. Fusionchart for Visual Basic

    Hi, We guess you are using a too old version of Visual Studio i.e. VS 2010 please check with the newer version of Visual Studio preferably post 2015 version. Also, check with XML data format for rendering FusionCharts as shown in the given Blog post link. Hope this would help.
  4. Fusionchart for Visual Basic

    Hi, Please visit our Blog post link for rendering FusionCharts in Windows based application using VB.NET for further reference. Hope this would help you .
  5. Upgrading from 3.9 to 3.12

    Hi, Please elaborate your issue and try the latest version of FusionCharts i.e. 3.12.1. Please attach the sample you are creating with the latest version of FusionCharts. Thanks
  6. Cannot read property 'el' of undefined

    Hi, No there is no limitations of number of charts could be embedded in a single page. Please check your implementations and include all library files for different genre of charts. Thanks
  7. Cannot read property 'el' of undefined

    Hi, There is no limitation of adding library files I guess but it is totally depending on implementation. I would like to suggest you try to include JavaScript library files in the head section of the Razor view as shown in the blog link. Also I guess you have gone through the given blog link and please try to implement in the same way. Thanks
  8. Cannot read property 'el' of undefined

    Hi, Please check whether the required FusionCharts JavaScript library files(fusioncharts.js, fusioncharts.charts.js etc) files are included properly and FusionCharts ASP.NET wrapper has been used. Meanwhile please check the below given blog link on how to render FusionCharts in ASP.NET MVC Framework using Razor view. Thanks
  9. Creating a dashboard

    Hi, You need to define CSS properties for div elements to bring the charts according to required locations and the ASP.NET Literal control need to be defined within the particular div. For further reference please download the sample dashbord using ASP.NET wrapper from the below given DropBox link.
  10. Hi, The chart supported by FusionCharts getting rendered using FusionCharts ASP.NET wrapper in all browsers including Internet Explorer. Please send us a scaled down sample replicating the issue for further investigation. Thanks
  11. Hi, The chart supported by FusionCharts getting rendered using FusionCharts ASP.NET wrapper in all browsers including Internet Explorer. Please send us a scaled down sample replicating the issue for further investigation. Thanks
  12. Hi, I am afraid that you are using too older version please upgrade your FusionCharts to it's latest version because the Flash based version is deprecated. Please try to implement FusionCharts supported ASP.NET private export server. For further reference please visit You could download the scaled down sample implementing FusionChrts ASP.NET Private export server from the below given DropBox link. Please check the sample and try to implement the same at your end.
  13. Hi Sangeeta, Please check the reply in your another post Thanks Soumya sankar Dutta
  14. Firefox not displaying x-axis labels

    Hi Sangeeta, After going through your code I came to the conclusion that you want to render multiple charts using FusionCharts and by integrating external JSON file through AJAX call. Please check the attached sample here with this response showcasing multiple charts(stackedcolumn2d,stackedarea2d) with your JSON data(for stackedcolumn2d) The sample consists of one html view one controller(app.js) and two json files and AJAX call has been implemented with the help of $http.get() method and the chart data source has been restructured after fetching data from JSON files. Please note for rendering multiple charts you need to declare multiple FusionCharts instances and the sample is rendering charts both in Google Chrome as well as in Mozilla Firefox. Hope this will help. Thanks Soumya sankar Dutta
  15. Hi, FusionCharts doesn't support stacked line chart rather it supports stacked column bar or area chart. From the mock up image it looks like "Multi series Line chart" hence you could achieve the same by implementing Multi series line chart. For further reference regarding rendering Multi series line chart in VB.Net please download the sample from below given Drop box link. Thanks