GRAF error with y-axis value

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Good afternoon!

I noted the following bug in the new version 3.11.0


If the values on the Y axis are very small, sometimes there is no rounding, and unrounded number is displayed on the graph. Tried in different browsers - the problem persists.


For example, here are the data for the graph:


var revenueChart3 = new FusionCharts({
"type": "column2d",
"renderAt": "chart3",
"width": "395",
"height": "250",
"dataFormat": "json",
"dataSource": {
"chart": {
"showvalues": "1",
"plotgradientcolor": "",
"bgcolor": "FFFFFF",
"showalternatehgridcolor": "0",
"divlinecolor": "CCCCCC",
"showvalues": "1",
"showcanvasborder": "0",
"canvasborderalpha": "0",
"canvasbordercolor": "CCCCCC",
"canvasborderthickness": "1",
"captionpadding": "30",
"linethickness": "3",
"yaxisvaluespadding": "15",
"legendshadow": "0",
"legendborderalpha": "0",
"palettecolors": "#008ee4,#6baa01,#f8bd19",
"showborder": "1",
"animation": "1",
"caption": "name graf",
"captionFontSize": "12",
"numberPrefix": "",
"numbersuffix": "%",
"alignCaptionWithCanvas": "0",
"formatNumberScale": "0",
"formatNumber": "0",
"exportFormats": "PNG="

"dataset": [{
"data": [
"label": "2014",
"value": "0.001"
"label": "2015",
"value": "0.005"
"label": "2016",
"value": "0.002"
} ]



As well as a screen image:



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A bug has been logged internally. Meanwhile, as a workaround, please try setting "formatNumber" attribute as 1 in the chart element.

You can also try the "decimals" attribute , which is  used to specify number of decimal places to which all numbers on the chart will be rounded to.

Please refer the fiddle below for implementation.


We will keep you posted once the issue has been fixed.


Hope this helps.




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