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Problem with useEllipsesWhenOverflow

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Thank you!


I understand.


This option "manageLabelOverflow", dont use the ellipses.

How i use ellipses in PieChart without manageLabelOverflow?


They are differents concepts of handle overflow values, agree?


Thanks again...

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Thanks for replying back.
The manageLabelOverflow attribute tries to manage overflow of data labels. If enabled, data labels are either wrapped or truncated with ellipses to prevent them from overflowing out of the chart canvas. In case smartLabels is disabled, the labels are wrapped to avoid the overflow. Since smartLabels is disabled, the wrapped labels might get overlapped. When smartLabels is enabled, management of the overflowing labels fit in the "quadrant specific smart labeling algorithm.
But when useEllipsesWhenOverflow attribute is enabled, long data labels are truncated by adding ellipses to prevent them from overflowing the chart background. The default value is 1. This setting works only when manageLabelOverflow is set to 1.
Hope this will help.

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