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Is there a way we can explicitly set a value to be exported in fusion charts as a string value?

I have  a multi series column chart  graph where one value A is displayed as "15" while b is displayed as "10".

Basically "15 " represent ON state , and "10 " Represent "OFF" state.

So while exporting I don't want to export 15 or 10, but rather "On" or "OFF".

Is it possible to manually set the respective "state"  based on value to be exported  with the fusion charts ?

Thanks and Regards,

Amandeep Singh

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You can use setJSONData() api method to change the display value of your existing json data , which will show you data as "On" for certain value and "Off" for other values, you can can use this api method on a function which will be triggered when a button event is fired which in return will invoke the exportChart api method of FusionCharts.

For further details regarding setJsonData api method refer here

For reference regarding exportChart api method refer here

Also for further reference please check this sample fiddle link - http://jsfiddle.net/8s9kd0x1/


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