Abhijit Nathwani

Realtime Line Graph with PHP

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I have been working with Fusion Charts for quite some time now and the product is great. 

I am now trying to create a Real Time Line Graph using Fusion Charts with the data to be fetched from MySQL. Following your documentation for the same, I have successfully implemented "Line Chart". However if change the chart type to "realtimeline", the chart does not load. It says "No data to display".

The code:

if ($resulthum) {
    // The `$arrData` array holds the chart attributes and data
    $arrDatahum = array(
      "chart" => array(
          "caption" => "Real-time stock price monitor",
        "subCaption" => "Harry's SuperMart",
        "xAxisName" => "Time",
        "yAxisName" => "Stock Price",
        "numberPrefix" => "$",
        "refreshinterval" => "5",
        "yaxisminvalue" => "35",
        "yaxismaxvalue" => "36",
        "numdisplaysets" => "10",
        "labeldisplay" => "rotate",
        "showValues" => "0",
        "showRealTimeValue" => "0",
        "theme" => "fint"


    $arrDatahum["data"] = array();

    // Push the data into the array
    while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($resulthum)) {
      array_push($arrDatahum["data"], array(
          "label" => $row["timestamp"],
          "value" => $row["humidity"]
  /*JSON Encode the data to retrieve the string containing the JSON representation of the data in the array. */

    $jsonEncodedDatahum = json_encode($arrDatahum);

    /*Create an object for the column chart using the FusionCharts PHP class constructor. Syntax for the constructor is ` FusionCharts("type of chart", "unique chart id", width of the chart, height of the chart, "div id to render the chart", "data format", "data source")`. Because we are using JSON data to render the chart, the data format will be `json`. The variable `$jsonEncodeData` holds all the JSON data for the chart, and will be passed as the value for the data source parameter of the constructor.*/

    $columnCharthum = new FusionCharts("realtimeline", "myFirstChart2" , 600, 330, "chart-2", "json", $jsonEncodedDatahum);

    // Render the chart

    // Close the database connection

If you could please identify the mistake I am making, it would be great.

Waiting for a reply soon.

Abhijit Nathwani

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