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Hi there,

I have a web site that I am building it with bootstrap in order to keep it responsive and to make the pages display correctly across all devices.

My reports page have a few charts and in order to keep the responsiveness their width is set to 100%.

The problem is that when I set this with percentage the batchexport function generates an image with 0 bytes.

I tried in this fiddle and get an empty text file as response when I switch any of the charts to 100%

Is there any way to keep the page responsive and still be able to use the batchExport functionality?


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Fusioncharts batchExport api method lets you pass the height and width of each chart as attribute at the chart level. Which will export your chart based on that dimension, even if the charts are rendered with width are 100% in the web.

Please refer the documentation link for details -

Also, you can check this sample fiddle for further reference -

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Hi Ayan,

Thank you for your reply, I noticed that yesterday while I was doing some tests to get it working, but even if I set only the width it does not work unless I set the height to.

So I will go with this solution for now, but one thing I noticed is that the images still get a little blurred even in the fiddle you sent I notice that the same happens.

Is it possible to get the images any better than that? I tried with jpeg and png but didn't notice much of a difference in them.

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