Chart Type Not Supported Errors after Fusion Charts upgrade

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we recently upgraded from FC ver  3.2.3-sr2.6105 to 3.12.1  and hit an issue.

we load charts concurrently via Ajax calls on the UI, and at times we load 50 such charts asynchronously at same time.

At that time few of the charts which were loaded initially was showing up Chart Type not supported while rest others loads perfectly, for the same Chart configuration. (Attached screenshot)

The Chart creation logic along with chart data is served as response to the Ajax call, which then set to a <div> as html (attached html Ajax response)

We are facing this issue since the upgrade.

Please let me know what the issue could be at the earliest.

Thx in advance.


chartAjax response.html


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We checked the sample data source at our end and its working fine using Ajax calls, please note if you are facing chart type not supported problem make sure you have included both fusioncharts.js and fusioncharts.charts.js library files.

For reference please check this sample demo from the attachment

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