Firefox Mouse/Touch Issues

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Charts on touch-enabled Windows 10 laptops using Firefox 55.0.3 and 56.0 (at least) are not working properly in terms of mouse interaction.  On a problem machine, for example, using this pie chart link: :

  • Tooltips do not appear
  • You cannot grab the pie chart and spin it
  • Clicking a slice of the pie does not perform the normal animation
  • The hover effect (changing the color) DOES work

Also, for this funnel chart link: :

  • Tooltips do not appear
  • Clicking a segment of the funnel DOES perform the normal animation

Within our website, click interaction using the link property does not work for either of these chart types using this configuration.

For other chart types, tooltips do not appear on a problem machine, but click interaction (e.g., using the link property) does work.

All of the above work when using touch interaction with Firefox, but disabling touch does not fix the issue.

All of the above work on a problem machine when using Chrome.


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