Chart not rendering while tab is not active

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Hi Team,

We are using Fusion Chart XT with version 3.12.0

Please follow below steps :-

1. Open two different browser tabs

2. in tab one hit this link http://jsfiddle.net/fusioncharts/s7t8F/  or your own link with some charts

3. in tab one, hit F5 to refresh the tab and immediately move to second tab and wait till first tab will load

4. now again back to fist tab and you will find chart is rendering 

our concern is  charts will be render only when you will be active on first tab again ?



Aadesh Mahajan


Edited by Aadesh_mahajan

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The reason for this whenever you reloading the page and switching it to the next tab, and then when the page reloads on revisiting the page the chart animates, because the viewport is not visible when you are on the other tab as soon as you open the tab containing the chart it comes to the active state and animates that way, if you dont want the chart to animate when you are revisiting the tab after refreshing kindly set animation attribute at the chart level to 0

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