Column chart is not showing number on the column in mobile when there is a column with higher value

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So we came across this issue in mobile.

It is not showing the value on the column with value as 1 when there is another column with higher value (More than 10) in the chart. 

This is happening on both Android and iOs devices. Please refer screenshots attached. 

NOTE: It is fine for the stack chart though.




Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 12.51.26 pm.png


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Please note as the valueFontColor for the chart is set as white (#ffffff) thats why you are not being able to see the value of the plots, for a workaround you could either set valueFontColor to a different color, please note this would show the plot values outside the column as there isn't enough space to show inside the plot so FusionCharts internal algorithm automatically shows them outside.

If you want to still show them inside the plot please reduce the yaxismaxvalue to 12, the  reduce the font size of the overall out canvas using outcnvbasefontsize attribute 

Please check the sample fiddle for reference -

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