How to add Percentage sign (%) in Bar 3D

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Hello team, I want to add percentage sign in Bar 3D. Please help me with this. Below is my code


FusionCharts.ready(function () {
                var featureLevelChart = new FusionCharts({
                    "type": "bar3d",
                    "renderAt": "featureLevelStatus",
                    "width": "600",
                    "height": "200",
                    "dataFormat": "json",
                    "dataSource": {
                        "chart": {
                            //"yAxisName": "Project Status",
                            "theme": "fint",
                            "plotSpacePercent": "10",
                            "showPercentValues": "1",
                        "data": [
                                "label": "Compare Plans",
                                "value": "25%"
                                "label": "Plan Details Page Redesign",
                                "value": "15%"
                                "label": "Call Center Page Level Tracking (DialogTech)",
                                "value": "10%"



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Please note Bar3d chart does not have any legend feature, kindly elaborate for which chart you are asking for reducing the space between the legends and chart, it would be really helpful if you share a sample fiddle for the same

Regarding your second query, you decrease the width of the bar either using plotSpacePercent or using maxBarHeight accordingly to requirements, please check the fiddle for reference -

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