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I'm rendering some charts in an ASP .NET web form, now I need to save them all in my server but not by saving them one by one with the download button that can be added to the chart (there are about 40 charts, so it will be kinda unpleasant for the user)

Is it possible? Also generate a PDF file with all the charts (custom button or in page load event) could work too.

I'm using FusionCharts XT, v. 3.3.0.

Thank you for your help and happy new year!

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For exporting multiple charts on a pdf page you could check FusionChart's batch export functionality. To know more click here -

Also note that in order to use this feature you need to upgrade FusionCharts library to the latest version i.e. 3.12.2, as you are using a very older version (flash based) which has been deprecated.

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