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Marker Link Will Not Fire - How to Test...

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I am trying to create a simple usage of the Worldmap.

If I follow and create an example and attempt to load from an XML file:


 this is what I see on my screen:


If I place the XML inline, I can get the chart; however, I cannot get the MARKER link function to work.  I even wrote a

simple function in which I just try to alert a message.


My javascript 3e9198c5-b951-49cf-b44d-0926.jpgcode is simple:

And here is the XML:


Why does the insertion of the file not interpret the XML correctly.  Please note, I removed the link part of the one marker line to verify that was not causing the effect where a portion of the map shows.

What can I do to use inline Javascript and have strings in the function.

So if you have:

link='JAVASCRIPT: loadPg('myStr');' Does not work.


var myVar = 'myStr';

Then loading the function as follows:

link='JAVASCRIPT: loadPg(myStr);'

? I'm at my wit's end with this one.

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Please note, that the XML file does not have this string: map.setDataXML( at the start of the file.  The string was only in my picture, because I had copied it from the web page where I was placing the strings inline while testing.

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Could you please use map.setDataURL("map.xml")  when you like to provide the XML from a file or XML stream?

Could you please check whether you are placing the Map in a frame o iframe which might prevent the javascript function to execute?

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I applied your XML example for the entity javascript and that works.  I extended that code with the marker code.

I'm still not having any luck with the javascript firing from the marker.  See XML Below:

<map borderColor='005879' fillColor='D7F4FF' numberSuffix=' Mill.' includeValueInLabels='1' labelSepChar=': ' baseFontSize='9'>


  <entity id='NA' value='515' link="JavaScript:myJS('NA, 515');"/>

  <entity id='SA' value='373' link="JavaScript:myJS('SA, 373');"/>

  <entity id='AS' value='3875' link="JavaScript:myJS('AS, 3875');"/>

  <entity id='EU' value='727' link="JavaScript:myJS('EU, 727');"/>

  <entity id='AF' value='885' link="JavaScript:myJS('AF, 885');"/>

  <entity id='AU' value='32' link="JavaScript:myJS('AU, 32');"/>




 <marker id='CAN' x='113.02' y='141' link="JavaScript: loadPg('CAN');" label='Canada' labelPos='left'  />

 <marker id='INC' x='135.52' y='172.5' link="Javascript: loadPg('INC');" label='Houston' labelPos='right'  />

 <marker id='SPL' x='335.02' y='121.5' link="Javascript: loadPg('SPL');" label='United Kingdom'  labelPos='top' />

 <marker id='SIN' x='560.02' y='267' link="Javascript: loadPg('SIN');" label='Singapore' labelPos='bottom'  />

 <marker id='DUB' x='446.02' y='202.5' link="Javascript: loadPg('DUB');" label='Dubai' labelPos='top' />



 <marker id='CAN' shapeId='triangle'  />

 <marker id='INC' shapeId='triangle'  />

 <marker id='SPL' shapeId='triangle'  />

 <marker id='SIN' shapeId='triangle'  />

 <marker id='DUB' shapeId='triangle'  />




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Attached is the debugger code I got by turning on the debugger:

Info: Map loaded and initialized.

Version: 3.0.4

Map Objects:









Initial Width: 700

Initial Height: 300

Scale Mode: noScale

Debug Mode: Yes

Application Message Language: EN

INFO: Map registered with external script. DOM Id of map is Map1Id

INFO: XML Data provided using dataURL method.

dataURL provided: map.xml

dataURL invoked: map.xml

XML Data: <map borderColor="005879" fillColor="D7F4FF" numberSuffix=" Mill." includeValueInLabels="1" labelSepChar=": " baseFontSize="9"><data><entity id="NA" value="515" link="JavaScript:myJS('NA, 515');" /><entity id="SA" value="373" link="JavaScript:myJS('SA, 373');" /><entity id="AS" value="3875" link="JavaScript:myJS('AS, 3875');" /><entity id="EU" value="727" link="JavaScript:myJS('EU, 727');" /><entity id="AF" value="885" link="JavaScript:myJS('AF, 885');" /><entity id="AU" value="32" link="JavaScript:myJS('AU, 32');" /></data><markers><definition><marker id="CAN" x="113.02" y="141" link="JavaScript: loadPg('CAN');" label="Canada" labelPos="left" /><marker id="INC" x="135.52" y="172.5" link="Javascript: loadPg('INC');" label="Houston" labelPos="right" /><marker id="SPL" x="335.02" y="121.5" link="Javascript: loadPg('SPL');" label="United Kingdom" labelPos="top" /><marker id="SIN" x="560.02" y="267" link="Javascript: loadPg('SIN');" label="Singapore" labelPos="bottom" /><marker id="DUB" x="446.02" y="202.5" link="Javascript: loadPg('DUB');" label="Dubai" labelPos="top" /></definition><application><marker id="CAN" shapeId="triangle" /><marker id="INC" shapeId="triangle" /><marker id="SPL" shapeId="triangle" /><marker id="SIN" shapeId="triangle" /><marker id="DUB" shapeId="triangle" /></application></markers></map>

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Resolved.  I was applying the link in the wrong section of the marker XML.  After re-reading the documentation.

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Hi Admin,


We are also trying to implement similar feature in our reports i.e to open a popup when the user clicks on a marker circle. Is this possible? if yes can you please share the syntax. 

I tried giving like 

<marker id="AL" x="485.4" y="284.19" link="JavaScript: loadPg();" label="Test" labelpos="right" />


 function loadPg() {
but it is not firing anything.
please help.

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