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Hi there,


I have fusioncharts setup and working well on one of my servers. now I am transferring the same php files to another server but while the query etc are working fine, the charts are not being rendered and throw an "invalid data" error.


below is my jsonencodeddata string


{"chart":{"caption":"Diversion Score Timeline","subCaption":"Timelines","enableSmartLabels":"0","showPercentValues":"1","showLegend":"0","decimals":"1","theme":"zune"},"data":[{"label":"2017-08-17","value":"39","link":"data2.php?staffName=String&range=2017-08-17"},{"label":"2017-08-28","value":"34","link":"data2.php?staffName=String&range=2017-08-28"},{"label":"2017-09-19","value":"23","link":"data2.php?staffName=String&range=2017-09-19"},{"label":"2017-10-05","value":"29","link":"data2.php?staffName=String&range=2017-10-05"},{"label":"2017-10-20","value":"24","link":"data2.php?staffName=String&range=2017-10-20"},{"label":"2017-11-27","value":"33","link":"data2.php?staffName=String&range=2017-11-27"},{"label":"2018-02-11","value":"43","link":"data2.php?staffName=String&range=2018-02-11"},{"label":"Average","value":"32","link":"data2.php?staffName=String&range=Average"}]}

Can someone please help.

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We have checked your dataSource with Column2D chart and the chart is rendered successfully. However, "Invalid data" chart message is displayed in case the dataFormat does not matches with the format of the dataSource, so please ensure they match in your implementation.

Please refer to this sample fiddle : http://jsfiddle.net/9rxdezyf/

We request you to please replicate the behavior where you are getting the "invalid data" error in the above sample and share with us.

Feel free to revert us back for any further assistance.

Hope this would help.


Srishti Jaiswal

Edited by Srishti Jaiswal

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