Tick Values in HLinearGauge

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Good morning to all.

In a graph of type HLinearGauge I have the following color Range:

colorRange: {
      color: [{minValue: '0', maxValue: '75', code: '# 6baa01', label: ''},
                  {minValue: '75', maxValue: '90', code: '# f8bd19', label: ''},
                  {minValue: '90', maxValue: '100', code: '# e44a00', label: ''}]

and I need only the following TicksMarks and TicksValue to appear: 0, 75, 90 and 100

It can?


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The ColorRange object defines the sectional colors of the range as defined by the min, max, code in the individual "color" objects.

However, the tick marks of a gauge are placed on equal intervals continuously throughout the horizontal line depicting a scale. So, the tick marks cannot be discontinuous in nature to plot at values like 0, 75, 90, 100.

For further reference to tick marks, please check this link :




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