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Angle Gauge Limits

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Hello. I am making a gauge to show if we are ahead or behind our schedule. 

Hence the gauge needs to swing from -60 mins to +60 mins, with '0' at the centre.

Problem. I have the Lower Value set at  -60 and it needs to stay there so the gauge looks level. BUT upon update the Lower Limit always increases the lower limit. 

This happens regardless of the updated value. So if the updated value is +14, it still changes the Lower Limit. See picture.

How can I stop it changing its self please?



 $Schedule = 
            "chart" => array(
                        "caption" => $schedule_main[0]['n1'],
                        "showValue" => "1",
                        "valueBelowPivot" => "1",
                        "majorTMNumber" => "4",
                        "minorTMNumber" => "4",
                        "gaugeFillMix" => "{dark-30},{light-60},{dark-10}",
                        "gaugeOuterRadius" => "100%",
                        "gaugeInnerRadius" => "60%",
                        "minValue" => "-60",
                        "theme" => "fint"

    $colorRange =  array(
            "color" => array(
                            "minValue" => "-60",
                            "maxValue" => $schedule_main[0]['t2'],
                            "code" => $schedule_main[0]['colourL']
                            "minValue" => $schedule_main[0]['t2'],
                            "maxValue" => $schedule_main[0]['t1'],
                            "code" => $schedule_main[0]['colourM']
                            "minValue" => $schedule_main[0]['t1'],
                            "maxValue" => $schedule_main[0]['tmax'],
                            "code" => $schedule_main[0]['colourH']


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