Customize volumbars in Fusion Chart with js

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Hello everyone!

I am newbie in using of Fusion Charts.

I am going to use Fusion  Charts in JavaScript and there is one trouble.

I need to customize volume bars.

For example I want to draw a solid circle mark on a specific volume bar.

Is it possible and if possible, how can I implement this?

I hope detailed help.


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Hi Colly,


To place a circle on a specific bar on the chart, you need to use the Circle annotation feature of FusionCharts.

Circle annotations are static elements that could be placed anywhere on the chart by setting the "x" and "y" co-ordinates accordingly. Please refer to the below documentation for further information regarding Circle annotation :


To place the annotations you could also use the pre-defined macros, please refer to the documentation :

Also find a sample fiddle for reference :




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