Fixing visual artifacts on Stacked 2D due to 0s in data

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Hi there,

We have a Stacked 2D chart that is having some visual issues due to 0s in the data. Everything looks fine when stack100percent=0 but when it's set, we get the following:


Note the vertical lines rising above the chart as well as the weird white areas throughout (most notably at the top).

When we force 0 values to something >0 (like 0.00001) then the visual issues are cleared up and we get this:


The problem is that when datasets are toggled off in the legend (of ones that had data during those periods), we get what you'd expect of a chart where each value is the same:


Is there any way we can fix the visual artifacts while still allowing people to properly toggle off datasets in the legend? If we leave them at 0, we get what's expected (a white background, which is what we'd want).

Thanks so much!

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Please provide a sample replicating the scenarios explained above, so that we can check it at our end. Also let us know which version of FusionCharts are you using.

You can also check your implementation with the current version of FusionCharts that is 3.13.2-sr.1

Download link : https://www.fusioncharts.com/download/fusioncharts-suite




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