mscolumn2d Chart - alignment of data label with chart bar

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we are using fusion charts to display account trends graph which will have two years data.

we are using mscolumn2d Chart ... 

if the data has values for 2 years the alignment is perfect ... But if i did not have any data for specific month ... charts bars are not aligned properly with data labels.

Please find these examples as an attachment.

in first screen shot chart bar is not aligned properly with data label , it needs to center aligned with data label , how can we do that ... can i set any property.

if we check second screen shot for MAR it looks fine but for rest of elements we have alignment issues.

please help me related to this.

we are using 3.12.0 version



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In this multi-series column chart, you have two dataset series plotted on the chart. So each pair of data plots plotted against a single x-axis data label are both centered together.

Since you have many plots with null values in the blue series(second screenshot), those will not be visible on the chart so the green series plot is displayed as not centered. For example from APR to DEC.

But as both the series plots are centered together, you can see the plots aligned for example from JAN to MAR.


Please note : It is not possible to make a plot to take up the entire space or aligned to center only when the other plot is null or zero for the respective data labels.


For reference to your first image, if you have all the plots as null for a series, then you can hide the entire series by disabling the legend for that series. This will allow the other series plots to take up the entire space and aligned to center.

Sample fiddle :




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