Combining HighCharts + Fusion Charts to Auto-Create Server-Side HighCharts/HighMaps ?

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I switched away from FC to HighCharts web-charting several years ago as FC could not plot directly from .CSV (an essential requirement)

But we are interested in the rel. straightforward) Server Side Export features of FC)  I have too much sunk cost in HC to switch back charting completely to FC, but do you have any examples of combining FC Export Server with HighCharts/Maps to autoproduce .PDF, .JPG (or other format)  versions of HighCharts & HighMaps rendered on a webpage. If I recall, FC just required  a few extra lines of js/chart code on the client side to enable sever-side export - could such a system work with HighCharts chart code ?  Any working examples of combining HighCharts on client side with FC Chart export on the Server Side ?

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You can check our new product FusionExport, which is entirely a separate product that primarily focuses on exporting with advanced features. It works with all JavaScript charting libraries (FusionCharts, HighCharts, d3, Chart.js or others). Please check the link for an overview of FusionExport :


It includes SDKs for Java, Node.js, C#, Go and many more. Refer to the documentation for the same :

Installation guide reference :

To export charts using other charting library, refer this link :




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