Christian Schubert

Funnel charts not working with version 3.13.3

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I just upgraded to version 3.13.3.

Funnel charts don't seem to be working anymore. I created an example based on your "Simple Funnel" demo but it still gives me a "chart type not supported" error:

<script type="text/javascript" src="file://<local path>/fusioncharts.js"></script>
<BODY style="height:100%;margin: 0; overflow-y:hidden; padding:0;" border="0">
<div id="chart-container" align="center" style="overflow: auto;height:100%;">
<script language="JavaScript">
const dataSource = {
"chart": {
"caption": "Website visits",
"subcaption": "Purchase - Conversion analysis for last year",
"decimals": "1",
"showvalues": "1",
"plottooltext": "$label: <b>$dataValue</b>",
"plotfillalpha": "70",
"streamlineddata": "0"
"data": [
"label": "Website Visits",
"value": "17362"
"label": "Downloads",
"value": "8039"
"label": "Checked Pricing",
"value": "5509"
"label": "Asked for Quotation",
"value": "3962"
"label": "Purchased",
"value": "2397"

FusionCharts.ready(function() {
var myChart = new FusionCharts({
type: "funnel",
renderAt: "chart-container",
width: "100%",
height: "100%",
dataFormat: "json",

Any clues?


Best Regards,

Christian Schubert


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