Graph color is not showing properly for msarea chart

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Thanks for the great library. But, currently we are facing some color matching issue for msarea chart.

Its showing light color instead of full color which we have applied. 

Even LEGEND showing proper color, But, Graph loading pale (light) color, We want to show full color ( we are giving hex code).

I would like to show thick color which actually I have assigned to graph.

Even I checked in fiddle sample, There its working fine, But, Why same color not displaying in mobile graph?

Can anyone suggest me, Where is the issue here?


Here is our code in React native project.

    theme: 'fusion',

    showValues: '0',

    showBorder: '1',

    borderColor: '#666666',

    showLegend: '1',

    interactiveLegend: '1',

    showCanvasBorder: '1',

    bgAlpha: '1',

    canvasBorderAlpha: '1',

    borderAlpha: '1',

    bgColor: '#ffffff',

    showAlternateHGridColor: '0',

    divLineColor: '#6699cc',

    divLineAlpha: '60',

    divLineDashed: '1',

    divLineDashLen: '1',

    divLineDashGap: '2',

    baseFont: 'grey',

    baseFontSize: '12',

    baseFontColor: ‘grey’,

    toolTipBorderColor: 'white',

    valueFontColor: '#003A69',

    tooltipborderradius: '1',

    tooltipborderthickness: '1',

    labelFontColor: '#B5C3CC',

    animation: 'true',

    legendIconSides: '4',

    legendIconStartAngle: '225',

    drawCustomLegendIcon: '1',

    legendItemFontBold: '0',

    legendItemFont: 'Gotham HTF',

    legendItemFontSize: '12',

    legendItemFontColor: '#B5C3CC',

    legendBorderColor: 'white',

    legendShadow: '0',

    numberPrefix: '$',

    setTransparent: 'true'


And Data set is


  dataset: [{

    seriesname: 'Amount',

    color: '#04249C',

    data: [{

      value: '10',





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