Access colors or data in Tooltip Macros

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I want to custom tooltip. I do not find how to get the color or any other info in the data. 
The only solution I find is to generate one toolText per point.
It's not possible to pass a callback and make the data formatting in a javascript function? Like this :

   chart : {
      plotToolText: (data) => `<span class="drop" style="background-color:${data.color}"></span><strong>${formatValue(data.value)}</strong>  (<span class="date">${formatDate(data.date, "MM/YYYY")}</span>)`;
   data: [{
     label: "label",
     value: 15,
     color: "#FF0000",
     date: "2019-01-03"

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In FusionCharts, you can use various Tooltip macros to configure your custom Tooltip. Using the macros you can easily get the label, value, seriesname, etc. in the Tooltip of your chart.

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/srishti_fc/p08fcoq5/


Or, you can show the custom data in your Tooltip by using the "dataPlotRollOver" event API where you can fetch your data using "getJSONData()" method and the event object and provide it to the Tooltip. 

Custom data demo: http://jsfiddle.net/srishti_fc/o571dpm6/1/


Documentation Links:-




Hope this will help.



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